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11:51am 23/07/2004
  Hey. Umm.. I would like to help run the community.. Help get people to join nd such.. Maybe help make a new layout and stuff? [I'm not saying that the layout now is bad..] Make a community logo thing.. Do you think it'd be possible for me to help out a lil.. since its only us three.. at the moment  
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10:32am 22/07/2004
  Hey.. I'm new to this community. My name is Neesha.. and im 15. lol. what else is there to say??.. Jeremy Sumpter is Sexie hot.. like woah times 10.  
03:12pm 18/05/2004
mood: bouncy
I have to admit, Ricky Ullman is reeeeeeeeeally hot!! So are Harry and Draco. But, I think Ricky is the hottest.^_^
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